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Club Med Sandpiper

Monday, 04 March 2013 20:42

Just got back from a great all inclusive, Club Med Sanpiper. Guess where it is?  Never mind, I'll tell you.  Right here in the good old USA.  That's right, located in Port St Lucie Florida, about 45 minutes from West Palm Beach airport.  This place has everything you would expect to get at an all inclusive in the Caribbean or Mexico, but you  don't need a passport to get there. 

The reosrt has an 18 hole golf course and 22 tennis courts so it is wonderful for anyone who swings a club or racquet.  They also have a lap pool, a quiet pool (must be 18 or over), a large pool for anyone as well as a children's pool with a little water park.  Ther are kid's programs for all ages up to 17.  They have nightly entertainment provided by the staff and they do a really good job.  And finally, they have a trapeze school for anyone brave enough to give it a try. There are also golf and tennis clinics available at no cost.

The rooms have all be redone and can accomodate up to 4, some can handle 5 (2 bedroom 2 bath).  There are two dining choices, one is a sit down outdoor resturarnt offering healthy fare and the other is a huge buffet so many choices it will make you head spin.  There is also wine offered at dinner. You just go to the cooler and take the bottle you would like.

I can't tell you how suprized I was to see what great improvemtns had been done here and am looking forward to going back again

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