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Hi TripGuy team, Just wanted to let you know we had a good time at the Piramides Hotel in Cancun. The hotel was very nice, very clean, and hotel personnel was pleasant... Beaches are beautiful also. Thanks for everything as always, JB
Hi TripGuy, We had a wonderful trip! The charter (USA 3000) out of Buffalo was superb, a movie and hot meal, that's almost unheard of these days. We liked traveling the "off" hours on Sunday evening, no wait at customs or to check in at the hotel. We had rooms on the 15th floor at the Riu Cancun . The water pressure and temperature were erratic, but the view more than made up for the occasional inconvenience of a tepid shower. We enjoyed the energy and demograghics of this hotel ... The hotel also was just spotless! We're definitely "Riu" people now. I'll give you ample warning before we book our trip next year ; ). Thanks again for all of your help! N .D.
Good Morning TripGuy! We have returned from what can only be one of, if not the 'Best Vacation' Ever !!! Everyone in the group totally agreed, in fact this weekend everyone was talking about making plans for the same time next year ASAP !!! Everyone had a great time, everything went smooth from the flight on. There was not one thing that anyone could complain about, except everyone wished we had opted for the 7 days instead of the 5, which we will do for sure next time. The Riu Cancun was beautiful and clean. The service was great, the rooms were nice, the food and drinks were plentiful, sometimes toooo plentiful !!! I would go back in a heartbeat. I did suggest we try another hotel , in the same chain, but most of the group was not interested in changing hotels. The one big advantage is that the hotel is walking distance to the clubs and shopping, also there is a mall right across the street. Several mornings we were up early walked on the beach , had breakfast and were at the swim-up pool bar by 10:00. We had great weather everyday, no rain or showers any day. Someone told me the weather in may would be too hot, but it wasn't, it was almost perfect, high 80's everyday, low humanity, cool nights, but not cool enough for a jacket, near perfect. We have been on a cruise and we agreed we enjoyed this way more than the cruise. We met couples that had been to Cancun 28 & 32 times, I would have to say I can understand why, before our trip I would have been saying I would not want to keep going to the same place, but I will have to say Cancun changed my mind I am ready to go back anytime. We were also pleased with the Apple service and would use Apple Vacations again also. There was some confusion at check-in , but only for a minute, they tried to say that we had 4 standard rooms instead of the two jr. suites, but I had it cleared up in no time and check-in went smoothly. The ROH rooms were nice, but after seeing our jr.suites, the rest of the group wanted suites also, so next time, I'll bet we all get the jr.suites, the were really nice. Thank-you again for all your help, time & patience ! We had a Great Time ! C.J. & Friends !!!

Hi TripGuy, Mexico was wonderful!! I wanted to say Thank you for your help with the reservations!!! The Copacabana in Mexico was absolutely Beautiful!!! We are ready to go again.. C.M.

TripGuy!, I don't know anyone who had more patience than you! This is the first time I didn't book through Liberty Travel. You were so helpful