Hello, We are giving some thought to traveling to the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort with our daugther who will be 20 months old at the time. Although we appreciate the idea of the Kids Club, we plan to spend the time as a family. This will include

1) There is generally no problem to bring food back to your room from the restaurants. We've done it dozens of times. 2) related to noise, some who stay in the French Village, closer to the Stage have complained about the noise from the shows that go until about 10 pm each night. Having stayed in those rooms, there are only about 3-4 rooms that might be affected and generally only if the windows or patio door are open. The rest of the french village rooms are too far away. We've also had some client complaints related to rooms at the north side of the property just on the day of the beach party, which is on the beach to the north of those rooms. The beach party is currently on Friday nights and goes until 10 or 11 generally. Other than that, we have never received any noise related issues. 3) What information do you need on the Deluxe rooms? They are decent size, on the first floor of the main building and are relatively close/central to everything. They fit a crib rather easily and there is some room to walk around it. Can we assist you in making a reservation? Our prices will be exactly the same as Beaches.com but we'll be able to submit requests regarding your location and possible upgrades