Looking at Beaches Turks and Caicos and working up my bugdet. Want to book either Venetian or French Village 1 Bedroom Suite. Like the Venetian being newer and the kids bedroom (traveling with 2 adults and 2 kids 7 & 11) but really like the French 1 bed

The Italian Village rooms are definitely more modern, are in a better location (closer to the beach), and offer better liklihood of upgrades within the Italian Village. Also, they include a real balcony if not on the first floor. The French 1 bedroom rooms are really 2 standard French Village rooms put together..with either double beds or a king bed in the 1 bedroom, and sofa beds in the other. 2 bathrooms in French, 1 nicer bathroom in Italian. Definitely larger, but not as nice or close to the beach. It really depends on your family. I have 2 small kids (5/3) and we prefer the I Village rooms and don't need the 2nd bath. But with older kids that might be a really nice to have. We can obviously help with either, using our relationships with those on property to get you the best popular room. Let me know how we can assist.