We stayed at the Couples Swept Away resort and loved it! Ruth at Tripguy Travel suggested this resort for us and it was a perfect fit. She has a very thorough knowledge of all of the properties in Jamaica as well as knowing all of the ins and outs of traveling there. I would highly recommend her if you're booking a trip to Jamaica!! She was fabulous! This resort really had it all! Great location - we went in December and the weather was always between 75 and 80 degrees F with only some light rain showers in the early mornings. The resort is very spread out with lots of beautiful beach frontage as well as additional amenities across the road including a spa, health facility, lap pool and walking trail. The food was fabulous! there were a number of restaurant and bar choices throughout the property all specializing in different styles of cuisine and different dining styles. We stayed in an ocean veranda suite and our rooms were very spacious with a great balcony but the rooms in the great house were very similar in size and they also had balconies so you couldn't go wrong. The atmosphere was very laid back but everything was very well kept up. The staff were all very friendly. Many of the guests were repeaters - some has been coming for 20 years! There were opportunities to go into Negril for shopping throughout the day as well and other adventure excursions if that is what you wanted but we were so ready for a vacation, that we mostly stayed around the resort.