With each and every trip that we book, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Hear first hand from them on their experiences booking their vacation with TripGuy.

We got married on April 30th 2017 at the Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay Jamaica (Iberostar). We reached out to TripGuy about 18 months before our wedding date to start the process of securing the perfect venue. We had 64 guests ranging in age of 13 mons (our son) to 71 years old. We needed a place that was family friendly while also offering an fabulous escape for my friends leaving their kiddos behind for a child free adventure. Mitch nailed it with this recommendation. It was perfect for EVERYONE. From day one with working with TripGuy, Mitch and his team, Christine and Laura made life so much easier. They were the contact for deposits, travel information, etc for all my guests. All I had to say was contact TripGuy. They hold your hand from the beginning to the end! I was emailing Mitch from the resort with some minor questions and I was getting responses within the hour. We can not say enough great things about our experience with TripGuy. They are the travel agency to use for a large group booking. Plus, they know so much about the resorts they recommend, they can really help you tailor the perfect destination for your group needs. I will be using TripGuy in the future!! A+A+A+ in customer service!!

Our most recent trip to Punta Cana, Melia Caribe Tropical, was amazing to say the least! This is the 3rd trip I have been on where I was so grateful to have Sherri Hall as a travel agent. She is always so helpful in setting everything up in order for the vacation to truly be a vacation even before it starts! Sherri always has great advice and prices for whatever type of vacation you are looking for. Thanks again for making everything so easy for us, and I can't wait for our next trip.

Spring Break in Vegas, I booked my flight and hotel stay with the ever so patient Flo. I had used Triply before to get some prices, and I love how they did all the leg work while telling me the truth. I had and idea about where I wanted to stay and what I wanted to do. However, Flo reassured me if something wasn’t the best place to stay or the best thing to do. After countless emails I was finally ready to book the trip, we left on Sunday at 5 am with American Airlines that way we get an extra day in Vegas and left late Thursday night again bonus. After all with so much to do in Vegas why not most hotels will hold your bags for you. The overall pleasant experience I promise to do business again with Flo and the rest of the staff!

This will have been our 4th trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos. When we arrived we unexpected informed of our room upgrade. This was a great start to our week. We did have one small hiccup with American Airlines misplacing our luggage, however it did arrive the following morning. Mitch and his team fulfilled our requests prior to booking. We chalked this year's trip as our premier vacation. I wouldn't think of using anyone else. I highly recommend.

Once again our small group used Fayette at Tripguy to handle our Caribbean vacation plans. Over the years our friends and I have booked over 30 trips with her. All have been great. We chose Live Aqua as our preferred destination but thought the price point seemed high. Fayette got us a package price much lower than booking on our own. We had a wonderful relaxing stay at Live Aqua. I would highly recommend it. Overall another great experience with Fayette and TripGuy.