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Hi TripGuy! Thanks for the welcome back! We had a great time at the Wyndham Azteca in Riviera Maya ....only complaint - it was too short. We took a couple of tours. Between that and the shopping, we didn't have much down time. The people at our hotel were great. They couldn't do enough for you. The hotel was a nice size for us - not overwhelming. I would classify it as a moderate hotel with a great service. It was also away from the hustle and bustle of the other resorts near-by. The flights went well - we had a one hour delay yesterday due to the weather. But other than that, it was smooth sailing. Take care and thanks for your help! Lori
TripGuy! We had a great time at the Aruba Marriott & would go back! ( : Thanks for all your help & if you ever get a chance to visit Aruba you should go. Rent a 4 wheel drive jeep for a day & go to the desert side of the Island. That was an experience I / We will never forget. Thanks for faxing in the request for a higher floor. We were on 5 of 8 & had an amazing view to the left & front of us. We could sit on the balcony in the evenings, listen to all the bands, enjoy an evening cocktail, and watch the sun set. ( : Thanks again for everything you did for us. V.G.
hi Tripguy - the honeymoon at Sandals Regency St. Lucia was awesome, we loved it. the butlers, aaron and clovis, were AWESOME. the service was phenomenal, and we felt very pampered. the room was great, but in retrospect, we think we could have done one room below, since we never used the downstairs room, but loved it nonetheless. everything was included, and we never felt ripped off. it was clean, and the service was great. we actually like our resort better than grande or halcyon. we're so glad we went t o the regency.

Hi TripGuy, It was my intension to message you before now. I want to tell you that Your recommendation was excellent. Our resort suite at the Shaw Park Resort in Jamaica was beautiful...Your agent, Fayette, is very good. I also spoke to the others and they were very Happy with their accommodations. I think I may have more referrals...? Reality is over rated after vacationing in Jamaica. JG

TripGuy - BEACHES BOSCOBEL is AN INCREDIBLE PLACE!!! I'm sure I'll be going back really soon!!! Thank you so much...next time my visit will be for MUCH longer!!! Thanks CS